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Simple enough, reasons that would like to stay longer with us or come back!
A Sustainable Approach
What makes Wild Watch Peru so unique is its ability to deeply touch and evolve the destinations it caters to. It is a part of Guadalupe Ecological Reserve an initiative that strives to sustain communities and environments for future generations in the Manu Biosphere Reserve and it does its best to employ local businesses wherever possible to help out the local economy.
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Come and explore the best of the Peru´s Amazon with and exciting blend of nature, adventure and fun. A perfect introduction to the wildlife and pristine rainforest and enjoy the wonders of the Peruvian Amazon.
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Why to Travel with us, Professional service!

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Our Tours includes; Guidance by local experts guides that speak fluent English, reliable organization of all logistics overland and motorized boat in the most comfortable way long journeys, Inclusive Lodging with a local community connection and true inclusion , you will be hosted at the exclusive Casa Matsiguenka, A tribal lodge managed by the own native community that is located at the upper Manu River Basin , this mark is the final stopover that tourist can stay, You will be hosted at true jewel in the Manu National Park forest.

Our Lodges

You will stay, they only use green energy, all the power comes from solar panels that supports the: internet, electricity, hot showers and lights……. Sounds interesting you get all these facilities almost in the middle of nowhere, travelling with us you will experience that eco-friendly practices its real at this corner of the Amazon, we are looking forward to introduce innovative ways to replace integrally the fossils fuels in our transportation methods and hope to lead all our tours, excursions in the eco-friendliest way possible.


Our experience the travel industry has taught us, that this need also a special attention, Peru nowadays have gained a lot of reputation and popularity which we feel so proud of that so our tours are accompanied by experience chef that will make their best to offer typical and delicious dishes prepared with fresh and local ingredients.

Activities at your own pace

Our lodges at Guadalupe have signed trails that can be explored by yourself specially that road its safe and interesting to catch glimpses of colorful and noisy birds such as: oropendolas, jays, macaws, tanagers, you will be also able to take pictures of butterflies, grasshoppers or any other bizarre living creature, please ask to your guide if you would be interested to take much longer trails is advisable!

Number Participants

Our groups are only small guided packs, in fact shouldn’t exceed of 6 – 7 participants even during the peak season (June – September) you get will get a personalized service provides for our guides and it would also make possible you don’t miss to see anything, most of the animals in the tropical rainforest are difficult to observe, some are elusive you get to see briefly and glimpses but consider if you would be walking in large group the chances would quite low.


We mostly lead small guided groups, mostly couple and families we use comfortable vehicles, SUV and 4×4, these cars are conditioned to bumpy rainforest roads as featured along the Manu Road and during the rainy season, using these vehicles all year around so we considerably reduce the travel time on the day IN and Out. Larger groups are transported by minivan for maximum 8 people including our staff, these larger vehicles are also conditioned for the rural areas with local and experienced drivers.

Our Vision

Wild Watch Peru is a genuine local family company at the Manu Biosphere Reserve, We have taken our passion for biodiversity a step further in the conversion of our 100-hectare (247 acres) piece of land to a protected reserve. We aim to help more people to fall in love with conservation.

Why Travel with Us

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