Manu National ParkAmazon Tour from Cusco , wildlife and nature in 2 days!

27 July, 2019

Exploring the Amazon from Cusco

After we have collected our tourists from Cusco airport.  We instantly drove along the Andes and arriving at Guadalupe Lodge for dinner time. The next day was full of forest exploration with sightings of Monkeys, Macaws, hummingbirds, hoatzins, horned screamers.

The navigation along the alto Madre Dios River was great so happy we saw a family of Capybaras with a couple of babies crossing this fast-flowing river.  We have also been attacked by groups of wooly monkeys (breaking branches down, emitting intimidating calls).

The journey was only 2 nights and 2 full days plus the afternoon of the day of their arrival. The trip was the shortest that we have ever designed but worthwhile in terms of wildlife observation and getting a really good taste of the rainforest despite the overland transport from Cusco City!

How Deep the trip goes into the Amazon?

The Amazon basin is the largest piece of rainforest and the cultural zone of Manu Park is a good travel option for travelers looking to get off the beaten track with limited time and go where few tourists have been before. All tours depart from Cusco by ground transport.

There are few destinations that rival the Manu National Park that offers captivating landscapes, waterfalls, outstanding sunsets, and wildlife. The lodges along the Manu Cultural Zone have recently become more accessible to intrepid travelers.

Travelers should not worry if only having 2 days plus afternoon (for departing from Cusco).  Travelers still have the possibility to explore a piece of the Amazon rainforest. Getting immersed in the tropical rainforest and descent to 500 meters (1640.42 feet) of elevation.  Big trees are found while exploring the Amazon Rainforest with evidence of large animals such as Tapirs, Peccaries even wildcats.

This Amazon tour from Cusco includes a boat journey to reach Machuwasy lagoon which is beyond Atalaya so the boat travel will around 1 hour down the Alto Madre de Dios river

Which lodge to stay along the Amazon Tour?

Guadalupe Lodge is the ideal choice for these types of tours and more disconnected from the world, the travel to the lodge from Cusco city takes from 6 to 7 hours. The lodge location it’s better in contrast to most of the lodges that sit along the Manu road where the forest its been impacted.

The two  nights will be spent in a single location, Guadalupe Lodge  which is situated off the main Manu road and away from crowds, the Guadalupe Lodge is surrounded by healthy forest and offering great wildlife encounters

Ideal Tour Design

Optimizing the time and focusing the trip wildlife encounters are essential for a productive journey, please read our blog for further recommendations

Happy to share the pictures of the group who signed up for this departure

adventure tours peru , manu
Machuwasy Oxbow Lake
monkey seen on manu 2 days tour
Night Monkey
wooly monkey seen at 2 Days Amazon Tour Peru
Wooly Monkey seen at Guadalupe Trails
great potoo seen at 2 Days Amazon Tour Peru
Great Potoo
4 Day Amazon Tour Peru
Traveling by motorboat on the Madre de Dios river
canopy forest
canopy forest
Large headed capuchin monkey at Guadalupe Lodge Trails
Large-headed capuchin monkey at Guadalupe Lodge Trails


Horned screamer at Machuway Lake
Horned screamer at Machuway lake
Hoatzin at Machuway lake
Hoatzin at Machuway lake
guadalupe river in front of the lodge
Guadalupe river in front of the lodge
Golden Tailed Sapphire at guadalupe lodge garden
Golden Tailed Sapphire at Guadalupe lodge garden
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Amazon Tour from Cusco , wildlife and nature in 2 days!

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