full day birding around cusco

Huacarpay Lakefull day birding around cusco

20 December, 2018by Hebert Zuniga0

One sunny morning about a couple of hours ago and following the south road from Cusco, we decided to check for some local and Andean aquatic birds at Huacarpay Lagoon  this wetland is one of my favorite  sites for birding around Cusco ,  this spot is often productive for birders and great place to enjoy landscapes and some pre-Incas ruins .

We been quite lucky enough to see  Stygian owl since its been recently recorded in the area by some local birder, its been the first report over this location

Great Horned Owl is been seen few times by other birdwatchers along the year  , most of the sights were in the tall eucalyptus patches, I think would be not that easy to spot them without assistance of simon whose have been doing birdwatching the previos days  , this morning its being quite intereting as we could spot two owl types  at different spots and making our birdslist of 38 birds recorded in just couple of hours before it could get much warmer

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