Manu National ParkLodge Conditions – Manu National Park 2021

20 March, 2021

 Lodges Conditions – During Covid 19

If you are looking for planning a trip to one of the most diverse parks on the globe, and wondering if this travel route is available and open for visitors? Once the pandemia hits Peru, the lockdown regulations were imposed by the government in all our territory from March 15th, 2020,  most lodges had been closed their operation in the whole Manu region. In fact, serious regulations have been taken for the Reserved or Touristic Zone of Manu where Casa Matsiguenka is enclosed.

This to avoid any COVID 19 contagious risk towards local tribes, the regulation measures were to close admission into the park to whoever is a foreigner. While the  Cultural Zone of Manu was pending from regulations of the local authorities and municipalities, these measures were still flexible since the cultural zone holds the large human settlements of nonnative inhabitants and considering the high commercial flow to Cusco.

From September 2020, some regulations were lifted and giving much flexibility for moving from one location to another. The foreigners that got locked down into Peru during the pandemia were the first ones requesting tours into the Manu region. For these earlier incursions as tourists into the area,  the covid 19 rapid tests were requested as mandatory,  more than 3 control posts were set along the Manu Road, this is the only access into the region by ground transport.

Currently, some touristic lodges are operational and hosting travelers regularly, these lodges have moved a step further, offering innovative products following the COVID19 protocols and travel packages at a much lower cost for the new audience of travelers. The lodges, hostel, (lodging services) has to follow the guidelines of the Ministry of health – MINSA. However, most of them are still pending the conditions to be clear regarding covid 19 policies and keeping their operations shut so far.

*The Reserved or  Touristic Zone of Manu is open for a visitor from March 2021,  guided tours can be planned for the near future, see the government announcement below

Which Lodges I can travel to?

You can find updates about the most used lodges in this post however there are much more spread out in the Manu region.

Guadalupe Lodge (Open)

Guadalupe Lodge is located on the lush foothill forest over 580 m / 1, 902 ft on elevation. The lodge looks out over the magical palm forest with colorful blue and yellow macaws flying over and thousands of oropendolas. The area around the lodge is populated by bamboo forest, the lodge offers private toilets and showers with hot water. Lights and electricity 24 hours from solar panels and free WIFI. There is a nice view of the garden and the surroundings of the dining room. *

Cock of the Rock Lodge (Open)

Cock of the Rock Lodge is operational its a great news, the lodge is situated in the pleasant, mosquito-free Kosñipata Valley in the pristine cloud forest of Manu Biosphere Reserve on the lush eastern slope of the Andes, and is part of the Tropical Nature conservation system. Standing at an elevation of 1,600 meters, the lodge protects and supports a 5,060-hectare private cloud forest reserve. Although the location is peaceful and secluded, it lies very close to the Cusco–Shintuya highway.

Accommodation consists of 12 wooden bungalows with two single beds in each, an en suite bathroom with hot and cold running water and flushing toilet, insect-screened windows, and mosquito nets; some bungalows have their own private balcony. There are also several rooms with shared facilities – which room you get depends on how early you book! Lighting is by lantern and candle, but a small generator is used for charging batteries.

El Dorado Lodge (Open)

The Lodge offers rooms with private bathrooms, mosquito netting, and electricity from solar panels. The Lodge facilities include access to the parrot’s clay licks and mammals’ clay licks. You are surrounded by lowland rainforest access to the trail system for those who want to explore further.

Casa Matsiguenka (will be open from May 2021 )

The lodge is pending the protocols and biosecurity measurements to be applied, supposed to be achieved for the first week of May 2021, they have already started with the application.  The lodge is set right in the rainforest on the bank of the Manu River. The wildlife spotting is really good. Each bungalow has two beds with mosquito netting, bathroom facilities are shared in a separate building, electricity is provided by solar panels. Meals will be taken in a separate building with a kitchen and a small dining room. The Matsiguenka Native People are running this lodge which makes it different from the other lodge management.

lodges in manu national park

Tambo Blanquillo Lodge (will be open from June 2021 )

At the shores of the Madre de Dios river, with an untouched territory of over 400 acres (988 hectares) of the protected rainforest- currently undergoing a process of extension for conservational purposes consisting in additional 172,974 acres (70,000 hectares) within the vicinities of the private reserve itself- Tambo Blanquillo Private Reserve & Manu Lodge, holds 3 oxbow lakes, a 70 meter- high observation tower, the most active bird & mammal clay-lick in the world, private cabins, and a vast camping site ideal for anybody who wishes to experience the rainforest at its wildest. * Operational at the moment.

Manu Wildlife Centre (not confirmed)

The lodge is located in a private, 16,190 ha/40,000-acre rainforest reserve adjacent to the one million-acre protected area named the “Amarakaeri Reserved Zone”. The tapir lick is a comfortable ninety minutes on foot from the lodge, while the macaw lick is a half-hour boat journey plus a short walk away.

The roomy, private bungalows are equipped with en suite bathrooms with tiled showers and hot water – something that is especially welcome if you are arriving from the rustic simplicity of Manu National Park. Here you can charge batteries, check your email, wash hair and order a drink under the high thatched roof of the spacious all-wooden dining hall, bar, and lounge. (Conservation note: the cedar wood used in construction was salvaged from uprooted trees washed downriver by the annual floods).

The most direct way of getting here is via a 35-minute flight by light aircraft from Cusco to Boca Manu at the mouth of the Manu River, followed by a 90-minute ride by motorized canoe down the Madre de Dios River. Alternatively, the trip by road and river takes a couple of days at the very least, although wildlife enthusiasts, birders, and nature photographers find it well worth the extra effort and traveling time!




Lodge Conditions - Manu National Park 2021

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