Registered Company Wild Watch Peru

We are a legitimate and registered tour agency in Peru. We are registered with the appropriate government offices and have the necessary permits and licenses to operate our business. We have a proven track record of providing quality services and excellent customer service.

Our clients can be sure that they are getting a legitimate and reputable service when they book a tour with us. We are also a member of various professional associations and organizations, which adds to our credibility and commitment to offering a quality experience.

Wild Watch Peru is a registered trademark in Peru. This means that it is a legal symbol that is protected by Peruvian law and that it cannot be used without permission. It is used to identify the goods and services of Wild Watch Peru and is a symbol of the quality provided by the company. 

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Wild Watch Peru E.I.R.L
RUC 20603494521

Contact Us
Calle Los Majeños 206 - APV. Virgen del Carmen
San Sebastián- Cusco - Peru
Phone (WhatApps)
+51 964422262
+51 972999987