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Get immersed into the real wilderness and get ready to create life-time experiences. What about paddling a Catamaran searching for giant river otters? And many species of aquatic bird and reptiles surrounded by untouched rainforest - Exploring trails and walk in pristine network of trails to encounter majestic giant Kapok Trees that reach over 195 Ft. Or just simply explore the forest and be surrounded by curious monkeys watching you!
1250$ per person
8 Days
Manu National Park
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What's included

Manu National Park Discover Manu National Park
Departure Location
Cusco City - Transfer from Hotels , Airport , Bus Station
Return Location
Cusco City - Transfer from Hotels , Airport , Bus Station
Price includes
  • Accommodation on double bed room
  • Activities Listed in the Program
  • All meals included (vegetarian, vegan mentioned in advance)
  • Best available Lodges in the area
  • Duffel Bags for Travelling Light
  • Entrance Fees to the Guadalupe Ecological Reserve
  • Entrance tickets to Manu National Park (Reserved Zone)
  • Free Storage Room in Cusco
  • Illustrated map of Manu National Park
  • Professionally Local Guide
  • Rubber Boots
  • Snacks (fresh fruits, cookies, chocolate)
  • Unlimited Purified Water
Price does not include
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • First day breakfast
  • Nights on Single Supplement
  • Tips to the Staff

The Manu Tour

First of all, our  Manu tour starts in Cusco, with a land journey through the high Andes and down from elfin forests to the lowlands. Stretching from 12,000-foot-high montane grasslands, deep through the elfin forests and then, down through mid-elevation cloud forests, and finally to the extensive lowland rainforest. Furthermore, the end of your journey, with wildlife spectacles on the white sand beaches of the languid, sinuous, 140-meter-wide Manu River.
Manu National Park is a five-million-acre reserve, being the jewel in the crown of the rainforest of Peru.

The Complete Manu Tour

This is the most ideal Manu tour for those modern-day explorers. For those where exploration lies within their spirits. If you have a keen interest in the wild, then Manu is the place for you. In the most dramatic, biological, transect reserve in the world.
Above all, our 8 day Manu tour will take you to the core of the National Park. Similarly, you won’t want to miss, spending 3 nights at the exclusive Casa Matsiguenka. Because this is a place to explore parts of the rainforest which is untouched. Now, this is an opportunity some will never encounter. What a way to spend time traveling in an area that is preserved and protected for all those who live within it. Furthermore, this voyage of discovery certainly features such rarities, from diverse plants, and bizarre wildlife. If you are lucky, possibilities to see large wildcats such as the Jaguar.

So, be part of something memorable. To witness a part of the plant which is constantly on a decline as the years go on. Above all, this different world that lies on the doorstep of Cusco is a must-see for any traveler.

Experience Wilderness 8 days Manu Tour

Be ready for creating a once in a lifetime experience on this Manu Tour.

  • What about paddling at Catamaran searching for Giant river otters?
  • Exploring trails and the pristine network of trails to encounter majestic Giant Kapok Trees that reach over 195 Ft.
  • While being surrounded by curious monkeys in the jungle rainforest.
  • Observe on the boat, the aquatic birds and reptiles along the shores.
  • Also, if you’re feeling brave. Grab your torches for night walks to observe the most bizarre living creatures that dwell in the darkness; praying mantis, millipedes, grasshoppers, colorful frogs, slender and patterned arboreal snakes.
  • Another wild watch opportunity. Walk up to the canopy tower and viewing platforms that overlook the Otorongo Oxbow lakes, where top predators can be seen Large Black caimans, Giant River otters, and Harpy Eagle.
  • The riverboat excursions are a lifetime experience to keep your eyes open to find the most interesting wildlife such as black caimans if lucky enough anacondas or jaguars.
  • Our Experienced Local Guides and their knowledge of the rainforest will make wildlife spotting more than possible. Making this one of the most memorable trips of a lifetime.

If all of the above sounds like your cup of tea. Then hesitate no more. For a jungle & rainforest experience, you will never forget. This tour offers such a range of activities and opportunities to see some of the gorgeous, untouched land, plant, and animal population.

Extreme Biodiversity at Manu National Park 

The wildlife of Manu National Park is one most diverse places in the world. Why not see for yourself. Below are some charts to see just what inhabits this exquisite National Park;

  • 1025 SPECIES OF BIRD  (Aves)
  • 221  SPECIES OF MAMMALS  (mamíferos )
  • 1307  SPECIES OF BUTTERFLIES  (Mariposas)
  • 8 SPECIES OF WILDCATS  (Felinos Silvestres)
  • 27 SPECIES OF MACAWS  (Guacamayos)
  • 132 SPECIES OF REPTILES  (Reptiles)
  • 155 SPECIES OF AMPHIBIANS  (Anfibios)
  • 300 SPECIES OF ANTS  (Hormigas)
  • 650 SPECIES OF BEETLES  (Escarabajos)

Click on Tour Plan for more detailed information about the trip.

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5
  • Day 6
  • Day 7
  • Day 8
Day 1

Cusco - Guadalupe Lodge

The beginning of the Manu Road passes through numerous dry inner-mountain valleys and picturesque villages. This gives you a quick overview of locals’ lifestyles and colorful clothes. A brief stop at Ninamarca will give you the possibility to explore the pre-Incas tombs within this well archaeological site. The road includes various stops, so you can enjoy seeing the surrounding landscapes varying from high mountains to humid forests. The next stop will occur in the village of Paucartambo which features a beautiful arched colonial bridge. From Paucartambo the altitude will keep on increasing and the setting gradually gets enveloped by a cloudy mist. The road leads you to Acjanaco pass consisting of the main gateway to Manu National Park. Once across Acjanaco Pass (3550 m / 11.647 ft) the environment dramatically changes from dry to wet valleys. Do not miss the splendid view when looking down toward the lowlands! The lush and misty cloud forest surrounded by massive rocks and waterfalls is perhaps the most fragile and threatened type of rainforest. In such an environment filled with lichens and moss-carpeted soil, spotting birds will be the main target. You will get the chance to stare at a large variety of birds ranging from the Peruvian national bird, the brightly red Andean Cock-of-the-Rock displays to tanagers, toucans, or quetzals. The path will head down to the Guadalupe lodge (560 m./1837 ft). Overnight in the lodge.
Day 2

Guadalupe Lodge

In the morning, we will explore the foothill forest and palm forest is also an ideal spot to observe blue and yellow macaws as well as other interesting parrots and the Capuchin Monkeys. You will head back to the lodge where a delightful breakfast awaits you full of fresh tropical fruits. From then, you will be guided through the garden and will learn about the different medicinal and traditional plants such as coca leaf, cacao, bamboo water, annatto, etc. As this time of the day, put on your swimsuits and enjoy a dip in the Guadalupe River. This crystalline and unpolluted current flows downstream from the core of the park. In the afternoon, depending on the group’s wishes, there is a possibility of discovering a fascinating canyon and its caves which house some rare species of bats, spiders, and scorpions. Ultimately, a walk within the bamboo forest will enable you to spot some monkeys. The day is ending with a night walk
Day 3

Guadalupe Lodge - Casa Matsiguenka

Early morning departure by land transport to the Diamante native community (4 hours’ drive by car) then we continue our trip by motorboat towards the confluence with the Manu River, we enter the wild Manu National Park a brief stop at Limonal Park Ranger Station for check-in, the exciting trip begins with full of sightings experiences, every river bend will bring us a view of unspoiled beauty. We travel upriver we’ll search diligently for any signs of Jaguar, still, only a slim chance but this river is perhaps the best location to find this magnificent mammal, just a few curves up the river the environment will change, there will be orders of magnitude more to look at, from hundred if not thousands of swallows and butterflies, every single sandbar being occupied by something interesting, we will keep a close watch for wildcats. In the mid-afternoon, we arrive at our rustic lodge which it´s set aside a short distance from the Rio Manu in the heart of Manu National Park, and for our following nights at this peaceful place. Overnight, Casa Machiguenga Lodge.
Day 4

Casa Matsiguenka

We will have the better part of two days to enjoy the Manu´s Wilderness, on this morning you will explore the Salvador oxbow lake famous for its population of Giant Otters who usually breeds there, they can be seen at different times of the day, this gregarious and playful carnivorous spend a good deal of their time fishing or playing by any side of the lake or just taking a sunbath on their favorite dead logs. We’ll have access to a floating catamaran (two large canoes connected by wooden planks) with chairs set up for bird and wildlife viewing (which makes paddling around the lake easily and comfortably. Apart from looking for the giant river otters, we’ll have the chance for many of the lake edge species, including the fabulous Hoatzin, Agami, and herons, interesting raptors, colorful macaws Oropendolas, and caciques, just floating around the lake will be one of the joys of the trip, while exploring the forest you will also search for more species of monkeys such as white-fronted capuchin, pygmy marmoset
Day 5

Casa Matsiguenka

During the morning time, we will explore the trails that cross the Terra Firme forest, where the world-famous Brazil Nuts grows. The guide will briefly explain its biology Following the narrow trail, we walk towards the small clay lick that attracts parakeets and medium-sized macaws. The clay lick is also a highlight of the trip, where some birds congregate to eat the clay, which they need on their diet. This activity takes at least a couple of hours. We’ll spend the full afternoon walking along what is the "system of trails" in the opposite forest of the lodge and around Salvador Oxbow Lake. Apart from the lake, the forest around Salvador Lake and the lodge is some of the best Amazonian rainforests we have seen, and a nice network of trails allows us to leisurely stroll on flat trails the rest of the day
Day 6

Casa Matsiguenka - El Dorado Lodge

This morning, we will take the motorboat to get navigate a bit downstream to access the Cocha Otorongo trails and platform. The view from the canopy tower is amazing as you would see the vegetation that encloses the lake which supports an entire family of giant river otters, large black caimans, and harpy eagles that sporadically have seen over those locations, (the lake is not open for embarkation). Moving deep into the heart of the forest is also an excellent environment to see the enormous kapok trees. These species are the emergent trees in the entire Amazon, they can reach up to 190 feet tall. Following the trails, we can encounter troops of monkeys with no fewer than six species possible such as red howler, brown capuchin, squirrel monkey, tamarins, woolly, as well as the chance for numerous other birds such as curassow, guans, return to the lodge in the afternoon for dinner time.
Day 7

Casa Matsiguenka - Guadalupe Lodge

This morning, the breakfast will be arranged on the boat to optimize our time so we'll board our river transport and begin the journey down the Rio Manu back to the Rio Madre de Dios. This will be another opportunity for catching the sunrise in the amazon rainforest while floating on the motorboat. This boat journey traversing the rainforest provides chances to observe aquatic birds on the sandbars, side-necked turtles sunning on the logs, Caymans at the edge of the river, or even glimpses of the magnificent jaguar on the banks of the river. After about 4 hours of motorboat drive, we will reach the confluence of the Manu and Madre de Dios River to turn the navigation upstream. We will boat up the fast-flowing braided and clear water for a short while. We reach the Diamante Native Community where our ground transport awaits us and will transport us to the Guadalupe Lodge.
Day 8

Guadalupe Lodge - Cusco

Your morning walk along our garden to learn about some medicinal plants and tropical fruits and other interesting plantations, we can easily observe many colorful birds flying over, we enjoy our tasty breakfast and get ready to pack as you will soon start hitting the road again to Cusco. The way back offers some last impressing views of the exuberant cloud forest. Do not miss the splendid views while reaching the top of the impressive mountains and the encounter of these two geographical regions. The arrival in Cusco should be around 4 pm. it would be depending on traffic conditions while driving towards the city center

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Manu National Park

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