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30 January, 2012by Wild Watch Peru0

Welcome to my Wild Watch Peru´s  Birding blog.

At present Peru is recognized as the second most diverse country in the world in its variety of birds, more than 1800 species inhabit the different ecosystem of our country, which represents 15% of all the species on the planet.

Without a doubt, trying to understand why Peru is a “Premier Birding Destination “We had accomplished a great Birdwatching adventure in Peru, under the guidance of a well – known book “Where to Watch Birds in Peru” written by Thomas Valqui and accompanied by updated information provided by some Local guides and fieldwork discussion by the participants, much of the knowledge we got about the birds spotting that occurs at places mentioned comes from this book.

In the early February 2012 willing to discover most of the  Peru Avian fauna throughout a Birding & Camping Trip, starting in Cusco and passing by different regions; south Andes, Titicaca lake region, south coast, central region, north coast, central and north tropical regions, some were popular birding spots and some really remote areas where probably any birding adept have been there.

This blog has some information about birds report in each place we have been and also its show pictures about the routes and covered areas for a period of 34 days of camping in almost all the sites that we stayed, from urban sites to very isolated places and enjoying and experiencing almost all weather conditions.
We are hoping to continue the research and exploration that has made Peru, the number one birdwatching destination in the world.

I think that birds are one of the best things to communicate about. They are an incredibly important part of the environment, and they are really cool and they have so much diversity!

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Peru Birding Expedition - Manu Guides

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