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Manu has acquired a legendary mystique among Nature Lovers, Photographers and conservationist throughout the world, no other park protects so much wildlife in Peru.
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Explore the best of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest to observe wildlife and be surrounded by the most pristine rainforest from the Neotropic , check our regular 6 days tour at special rates
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Tambopata is a fascinating, complex destination. You could easily spend several weeks exploring the area's beauty, culture, and wildlife!
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Welcome Wild Watch Peru
Are you looking for the most expert way to experience the beauty of the Amazon Rainforest in Peru in a short amount of time? Look no further than Wild Watch Peru! Our specialized tours are designed to optimize your time and ensure you get to see wildlife and be surrounded by pristine rainforests. Our tours  are led by expert guides since 2005
At Wild Watch Peru, we are dedicated to providing an enjoyable and safe experience for families, solo, and mature travelers. We take numerous precautions to ensure the safety of our guests.
Our wildlife tours are designed to fit any budget or style. Whether you are looking for a unique wildlife experience or a thrilling adventure, Wild Watch Peru has something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Book your tour today and start exploring!

Manu National Park Tours

With the most pristine, untouched forests, Manu National Park is the largest protected area in Peru which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its diverse 1.5 million ha reserve which is one of the world’s most bio-diverse places on earth! From 150m rainforests to 4000m cloud forests Manu is the ultimate dream for any nature lover.

The vastness and protected status also mean that it’s expensive and hard to get to. Cars, buses, and boats, you will need all of them and a few days just to get deep inside the jungle. But all that effort is worth it because you will have access to wildlife and jungles that only a few other tourists get to see.

Jaguars and Pumas are often sighted in this part of the jungle and harpy eagles are the various wildlife you can spot. From Cusco, it takes you 6 hours by road to get through the Cloud forests and into the lowland, after which you take a boat journey for 1 day to get to the interiors of the forest.

Manu National Park is the perfect place for you  if:
  • You have more than 2-8 days at hand
  • You are excited about exploring untouched pristine forests and don’t mind that they aren’t easily accessible
  • You’re okay spending more to get the best experience on the Amazon
  • You want a trip that is not attached to the flight’s schedule
  • If you are in Cusco and want

anu National Park Tours provide visitors with the opportunity to explore this incredible natural wonder. Manu National Park Tours can be tailored to suit any budget and style. From day trips to overnight stays, you can choose the perfect tour package to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a unique wildlife experience or a thrilling adventure, there is something for everyone in Manu National Park. No matter which tour package you choose, you can expect to see a wide variety of wildlife. Marvel at the vibrant colors of toucans and macaws or watch the playful antics of monkeys and sloths. Keep your eyes peeled for elusive jaguars and ocelots, or search for the strange Spectacled Bear. Experienced guides are available to lead you through the parks many trails, and provide insight into the rich variety of local cultures. 

Manu National Park Tours are the perfect way to experience the spectacular beauty of the Amazon rainforest. From the wildlife to the unique cultures, you will be sure to have a memorable and unforgettable experience. So what are you waiting for? Book your tour today and start exploring!

Other Destinations for Amazon Tours In Peru

The Amazon Rainforest! We’ve all heard about it, and seen it in movies and it definitely is a huge reason for a lot of travelers to come to South America. Watching wild animals and birds, sailing through the Amazon River, and being towered by tall canopies are straight out of a storybook!

Peru is blessed with large swathes of the Amazon spread which covers 60% of the country. That’s right, it covers three-fifths of Peru. This often confuses travelers about where to visit the Amazon in Peru. You might be wondering how you can visit the Amazon in Peru and which part of the Amazon is the best value for you. Here’s everything you need to know about the Peruvian Amazon!

Understanding the Peruvian Jungle

You can visit the  Amazon in Peru in three different regions, these three offer distinct experiences with varying difficulty and costs. Each location also has unique fauna that you might not find in the others. We’ve got all the information you need to decide which Amazon tours to pick as your best choice.

Where else to go besides Manu National Park?

From the majestic Amazon River to the lush rainforest, Peru is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking and diverse ecosystems. With its remarkable biodiversity, incredible wildlife, and rich cultural history, it’s no wonder that Peru has become a hotspot for ecotourism. For those looking to explore the Amazon rainforest in Peru, there 3 major rainforest destinations, offering a variety of experiences for travelers.

  •  Tambopata National Reserve

(Puerto Maldonado)

Your second option in exploring the Amazon is the beautiful Tambopata and Madre de Dios area. This part of the Amazon is a transition from tropical to sub-tropical heaven that is close to the Bolivian border. It’s a haven for birdwatching lovers and is blessed with rich tree cover and a bustling ecosystem filled with incredible animals and birds.

Here’s where you go to spot endangered otters and caimans by the river and see beautiful macaws and toucans in the habitat. You’ll also get to experience the macaw clay licks phenomenon where 6 species of colorful elegant macaws come together every morning near clay walls built through river sediment and eat them! Imagine walking among canopies through bridges and watching groups of colorful macaws congregate on clay walls!

Puerto Maldonado is the gateway to this reserve and is a 12-hour bus ride from Cusco but the easier and safer option is a 30min flight from Cusco. Once you get there, you begin your tours which take you deep into the jungle. While Iquitos is a whole major city in itself, Puerto Maldonado is more of a quiet starting point for various trips

Tambopata is perfect for you if:

  • You enjoy bird-watching and are excited to see the world-famous macaw clay licks
  • If you are looking for something cheaper and still easily accessible while taking you into deeper forests
  • If you prefer less-touristy areas which still have all the necessary amenities and more pristine jungle.

Things to note

You will need at least 4 days for a meaningful experience in Tambopata, if you have a shorter time, better go for Iquitos as you still get 1–2-day tours there. Follow the Link to see our Tambopata Tour Packages.

2. Iquitos

It’s the largest jungle city in the world which cannot be reached on land. That’s right, you either have to get there by boat or on a flight. The flights are frequent and cheap from Lima and Cusco, so Iquitos are easy to access. The boats are definitely for the adventurous ones, as you float down the amazon river for two days, sleeping on hammocks and sharing the journey with locals and tourists. Iquitos is the gateway to a multitude of Amazon tours and the city itself is a sprawling vibrant metropolis in the jungle.

In its former glory, Iquitos was a prosperous city because of rubber plantations and you will still see the remains of that in glorious huge mansions spread across the city. It’s a huge city with every tourist facility you need. It even has an active nightlife scene.

Keep in mind though, Iquitos is the only place where the Amazon River flows through and not its smaller tributaries. This makes it the perfect place for river cruises where you can find plenty of wildlife and swim through waters with piranhas. You can also choose from one of the many jungle tours that get you close to Amazonian flora and fauna. Except to see anacondas, monkeys, and caimans among others.

Who is Iquitos perfect for?

  • Those looking for the main Amazon River. Perfect if you want to take river cruises
  • Great for luxury in the jungle. Iquitos is the place to be if you prefer your creature’s comforts as there are a lot of comfortable luxurious tours, both jungle and river cruises you can find
  • If you’re in Lima and looking for something that’s a flight away! As Iquitos is a major tourism hub, you’ll find tours suited to every budget.
  • If you’re excited about sighting piranhas, pink dolphins, uakari bold monkeys, and various fauna.

Things to keep in mind

While being a major city with a 450,000,000 population means you get all amenities you desire it also means there is a lot of fishing and logging activity that doesn’t leave the surroundings as pristine. It’s also a hub for Ayahuasca and plant medicine healing.


At Wild Watch Peru, we offer a wide range of guided Amazon rainforest tours that provide an unforgettable experience for travelers of all ages and abilities. From canoeing downriver to visiting indigenous communities, our knowledgeable guides will make sure that you get the most out of your journey! So if youre looking for an amazing adventure deep into Perus jungle wilderness, look no further book your Amazon rainforest tour with us today!

Explore the wild and magnificent jungles in Peru with us and experience the adventure of a lifetime. From breathtaking hikes through the Amazon rainforest to canoeing down the mighty Manu, Tambopata, or Madre de Dios rivers. Our tours are designed to offer the perfect balance of exciting activities and cultural exploration. With our knowledgeable and friendly guides, you are sure to make amazing memories while also gaining insight into the local culture and wildlife. So come join us on an unforgettable journey!

So, there it is: want a full jungle experience that is accessible with a vibrant city and the main Amazon River- go to Iquitos. Prefer quieter, more pristine jungles which are still affordable and accessible- go-to Tambopata. Want the richest Amazon experience of flora and fauna and don’t mind the time or cost – Manu is your best bet.

What our Traveller saysAwesome Reviews

Great Trip!

I was looking for last-minute jungle tours from Cusco and luckily I found Wild Watch Peru. online, I must admit it was an incredible experience which ended up being a private tour with just me and my girlfriend. It was the highlight of our 24 day trip around Peru and is what I miss the most.

Scott Alameda

Manu Reserved Zone Express 6 days

Memorable Experience

I took a Manu National Park Tour and it was a magical experience. Herbert and Esau were absolutely incredible, lovely, and extremely knowledgeable about the animal species. Louisa our cook was fantastic and everything she cooked up was delicious and filling.

Samantha W

Manu Wild experience 4 Days

Incredible Experience!

I went on the 8 days Manu National Park Tour and it was hands down one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. It was an incredible experience entering what is considered as one of the last remaining pristine areas of the Amazon Rainforest in the world, this is the most recommended tour operator.

Lachy S

Exploring Manu Wilderness 8 Days

Great Manu National Park Tour!

We booked a 4 days jungle tour to Manu from Cusco and we had the experience of a lifetime. This tour exceeded our expectations and we’ll always remember the things we’ve seen and done so if you ever want to explore the jungle this would be your right choice!!

Valentin Duran

Manu Wild Experience 4 days

Best Manu National Park Tour!!

Wild Watch Peru Tours to Manu National Park are absolutely incredible, without any doubt, my favorite time spent in Peru. Our guide Esauu was a pleasure from start to finish.  I can’t believe I got to visit the Amazon, and I want to say a big thank you to Wild Watch Peru for making it an unforgettable experience!

Evelyn Melia

Manu Wild Experience 4 Days

A Lifetime Experience!!

We chose this tour because of Luis’s more timely and kind response than other Manu National Park tours operators. He even visited our hotel the day before the tour to make sure that we’re properly prepared. I never expected such good food quality in a Peru jungle trip!

Jong Soop

Manu Wild Experience 4 Days

Great Jungle Tour

We booked a 4 day, Jungle Tour to Manu Park and  we had an experience of lifetime. This tour exceeded our expectations and we’ll always remember the things we’ve seen and done!

Nicoleb 259

Manu Wild Experience 4 Days

Amazing Manu Jungle Trip

I have booked a Manu National Park 6 days tour on October 2018, it was absolutely one of the most memorable experiences in the Amazon rainforest, and I wish to be back and experience it one more time


Manu Reserved Zone Express 6 Days

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